• May 2016
  • Cole Haan Sets Trend at Vision Expo East

    One of the most noticeable trends across brands and companies was well-placed hints of bright hues popping up on everything from sun wear to optical frames. We noticed this trend pop up in lines such as.... Cole Haan from Altair.

  • April 2016
  • The Ultimate Expression of Innovation by Cole Haan

    Inspired by the fashionable yet easygoing nature of ZerøGrand footwear, these frames are on par with the craft and technology you have come to expect from the brand. The ease of throwing on a pair of these glasses and shades will make you want a pair in every style.

  • Anne Klein Collection Highlights Timeless Elements

    Anne Klein eyewear introduces its Spring 2016 collection with looks meant to combine "high-end fashion and approachable wear-ability" by channeling the bold spirit of the designer with four new styles.

  • 20/20 Magazine Insight for Expo: Cole Haan ZerøGrand

    Spring has sprung, and if you are a go at Expo then make these trends your Show-To-Go-To. And if the show is just not in your present, make these your Dream-Come-True.

  • bebe Has Flower Power

    There's nothing better to ring in the spring with than floral prints and floral-inspired looks. They're bright, pleasant and the best way to head into the warmer months with a bang.

  • Vision Monday Highlights Genesis 2016 Optical Collection

    The collection highlights the must-have trends for spring, including delicate floral details for women and classic, masculine shapes for men.

  • March 2016
  • New Revlon Styles Intro in Vision Monday

    The two-piece collection, evolved from Revlon's best-selling frames feature shiny metals and sparkling stones. This collection brings an element of glamour to everyday wear.

  • What's Brand New: 20/20 Highlights Cole Haan ZerøGrand

    Altair Eyewear extends its Cole Haan Eyewear collection with the ZerøGrand category. This collection is ideal for those who prioritize comfort and durability in eyewear.

  • Altair Adds to Bebe Black Capsule

    Inspired by extraordinary jewelry design, this collection boasts uncompromising quality and brilliant attention to detail. Three optical and three sun styles in classic black display an artful, crystal-dense design for every bebe girl.

  • KCTV 'Better Kansas City' Shows Off Spring Frames

    In prep for spring, confidence coach and beauty expert Kate De Ponte appeared in on-air style segment to highlight her favorite eyewear and sunwear for the upcoming season.

  • Cole Haan Innovation Shines Bright in SunVision

    ZeroGrand is the brand’s cross-category collection that combines flexibility and cushioning with lightweight materials. It is now being introduced into the eyewear category with lightweight rubber, flexible memory metal technologies and a comfortable grooved design that mimics the soles of ZeroGrand footwear.

  • SUNVISION Style Feature: What's Hot Under the Sun

    With inspiration from jewelry design and brilliant attention to detail, the bebe Black capsule collection is heating up this Spring. Frames feature druzy stones, tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone and Swarovski crystal fabric for a unique effect.

  • bebe Queen Bee is Sun Kind of Wonderful

    Diamonds are forever - A classic feminine shape is immediately enriched by a square-shaped crystal adornment on each temple that shines and sparkles.

  • VM Second Look: Anne Klein Spring 2016 Optical Collection

    Altair has launched the new Anne Klein collection featuring elevated animal prints, tortoise colorations and feminine silhouettes just in time for spring.

  • Eyecessorize Goes Back to Black for bebe

    bebe is back at it with its Black capsule collection! Bursting with elegant specs and sunnies, these snazzy frames are sure to entice bebe-loving babes everywhere.

  • Altair Bows Joseph Abboud Spring 2016 Optical Styles

    The Joseph Abboud Eyewear optical collection is designed for the new American man looking for refined sophistication. Expect rugged earth tones, sleek designs and rich textures inspired by New York City surroundings.

  • Anne Klein Sunwear Sets Bold Trend for Spring 2016

    Early INsight style feature highlights Anne Klein Sun Collection AK7035 among its trend-setting, bold eyewear for Spring 2016. Featuring chic metals, tortoise crystal colorations and modern two-toned colorways.

  • Flawlessly Feminine: Anne Klein Sunwear’s New Line

    A modern style created for women with elevated preferences and tastes, this sunwear collection has both trend-driven style and shapes for everyday wear.

  • February 2016
  • Vision Monday Introduces Anne Klein Sun

    Anne Klein Eyewear has made a stylish entrance into spring with new sun styles for 2016. The collection encompasses wearable shapes, chic metals, tortoise crystal colorations and modern two-tone color ways.

  • Eyecessorize Channels Joseph Abboud's Redefined Sophistication

    Whether it’s the rustic earth tones of nature or sleek vibes of the city, Joseph Abboud’s designs are always inspired by his New York surroundings. His latest specs embrace rich textures, tonal layers and unrivaled styling, while balancing an authentic point-of-view that speaks to the new American man.

  • Cole Haan's Energetic Allure Featured with Eyecessorize

    Standing out from the crowd has never been easier this season with an array of wildly cool glasses and shades crafted for the most active go-getters. Cole Haan style CH4010, a sportier style with wearable appeal in daring hues.

  • Cole Haan has the Finishing Touch in VCPN

    Elegant innovative product designed for the active lives of extraordinary people. The new partnership with Cole Haan results in a timeless yet au courant collection from the evergreen brand.

  • Eyecare Business Features Joseph Abboud

    JA4055, a vintage-inspired frame is suited with confident, masculine styling. Handmade acetate complementing trend driven fronts are adorned with tonal colorations and raised textural detailing. The iconic diamond logo treatment provides the perfect finishing touch.

  • 20/20 Showcases "Quirky" bebe

    BB7169 frame fronts steal the show in this milled metal sunglass. Sparkling Swarovski crystal fabric top brow bar is accentuated with silver flash lens to complete this on-trend shape.

  • Sunlites Pushes Boundaries Aside in Eyecessorize

    Guys will see no limits with the latest Sunlites glasses in their wardrobe! With the ability to easily pop the lenses on and off, these frames will transition no-fuss gents from indoors to outdoors with zero effort.

  • Invision Fades to Black with JOE

    Double down on model JOE4047 in Blackjack. Modern and masculine, this frame has a stainless-steel front and sport-inspired detailing.

  • bebe is Red Hot in 20/20

    With dazzling details adorning BB7163 "Phenomenal," both teardrop and round crystal embellishments are delicately placed on the ruby frame’s front and temples to stand out.

  • January 2016
  • Sunlites Debuts Winter Collection

    The Sunlites winter collection of optical styles featuring classic shapes with texture and tonal details offers three new metal styles for men with custom-fit magnetic clip options.

  • Vision Monday Reveals New Revlon Styles

    Revlon Eyewear has introduced the “Sparkle Series,” a two-piece collection inspired by the best-selling Revlon eyewear styles. Shiny tonal metals, glitter infused temples and elegant enamel details are wardrobe essentials, all year round.

  • Revlon is Beautifully Branded in 20/20

    RV5044 is designed for women looking to shine, jewel-inspired enamel endpieces provide a slight break from frame fronts to the acetate temples, which have hints of glitter sparkling through.

  • Invision Features Sunlites Signature Technology

    A set of three rimless magnetic clips – including one polarized clip, one 3-D clip and one contrast clip – is available for purchase to complement SL4015, a two-toned metal frame.

  • December 2015
  • Sparkling Revlon Styles Shine with Eyecessorize

    Just in time for holiday festivities, the Relvon two-piece collection puts a celebratory twist on the brand’s most popular styles. Shiny tonal metals, glitter-infused temples and elegant enamel details make these sister specs must-have accessories this winter.

  • Eyecessorize Names Cole Haan for the Shades-Obsessed

    Let’s face it. Sunglasses are total necessities. Who isn’t besotted with them? They shield the eyes from harmful UV rays and add fun flair to any outfit. Cole Haan style CH6005 in Blue/Black Tortoise makes an ideal present for the "Most Spec-tacular Time of Year," a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Revlon Sparkles in Eyecare Business

    RV5044 features veins of glitter shimmer under a splash of color on the feminine acetate temples. Adding a touch of sparkle, jewel-inspired enamel end pieces add a subtle break in fluidity from frame fronts to temples.

  • November 2015
  • Vision Monday Unveils bebe Fall

    The bebe September 2015 Collection features exotic animal prints and contoured temples in rich jewel tones with textural contrasts.

  • Anne Klein's Day to Night Adventures with Invision

    Vintage-inspired Anne Klein style, AK5043, is wearable and elegant, perfect for day-into-night adventures. The deep square shape in acetate is available in black, merlot and tortoise, with the Leo Lion logo as a refined finishing touch.

  • Eyecessorize Showcases Fashion and Wearability of Genesis

    Bursting with sophisticated, yet easy-to-wear styles, the latest Genesis eyewear collection for fall was crafted for those on the prowl for versatile, trendy frames!

  • 20/20 Shows JOE's Masculine Sophistication

    The new JOE Joseph Abboud eyewear collection features modern architectural shapes and a warm color palette. With a sophisticated combination of metal treatments and sleek satin finishes, each frame conveys an artistic American street style with an industrial influence.

  • Cole Haan is a Grand Affair in 20/20

    The Grand Lifestyle category consists of all men’s styles with women’s styles to be added. Each frame integrates bold pops of color and trendsetting shapes for those looking for an adventurous style. The collection focuses on the use of color and echoes the brand’s Grand.OS footwear technology used in the ZerøGrand shoe.

  • 20/20 Features Evolution for Millennial Men

    Be willing to dig deep with fashion and lifestyle brands but know that Millennial Men are always ready and willing when it comes to specific Independent Eyewear built on a strong eyewear heritage. Altair Evolution style A4037 is the perfect classic shape with a casual attitude option for the GenEYE guy.

  • October 2015
  • Altair Evolution and the Millennial Influence

    Millennials are kind of a big deal and Altair Evolution is no exception to offering trendy frames with an attitude that will catch their eye. A5032 and A4503 graces the cover of The Millennial Influence supplement.

  • Joseph Abboud Builds Success in Invision

    Building on success, the new Joseph Abboud collection takes cues both from the menswear designer and architectural masterworks. Model JA4050 evokes New York's Chrysler Building with art deco-inspired etched temples.

  • Eyecessorize Embraces Cole Haan's Rich American Heritage

    Enhancing a rich American heritage with energy and optimism of the next generation of dreamers, the newest Cole Haan specs and shades infuse classic looks with stylish edge! Striking yet wearable, these frames are perfect for those who crave easygoing everyday styles that’ll bring a touch of fashionable flair to any outfit

  • bebe Has Everyday Opulence in 20/20

    With the introduction of exotic new animal prints, spotlight-seeking sparkle and fashionably fitted shapes, the fall collection captures the dramatic change of seasons in rich jewel tones and striking textural contrasts.

  • VCPN Gets Classic with Cole Haan

    Traditional marries modernity in the launch of the Cole Haan collection. The three signature categories—Heritage, Classic (CH5006 pictured here), and Lifestyle—comprise 20 ophthalmics and 13 suns for women and men. Stylish details include the iconic weave pattern, leather artisanship, sophisticated logo treatments, color blocking, and trendsetting shapes.

  • Eyecare Business Sets it's Sights on Joseph Abboud

    Joseph Abboud's new optical collection is reminiscent of the Art Deco architecture and linear detailing of some of New York City’s most iconic structures.

  • 20/20 Shows Cole Haan's Commitment to Craftsmanship

    Cole Haan's deep commitment to craftsmanship is captured in each of the styles. This iconic American lifestyle brand, known for infusing classic looks with exciting new technologies, creates products that are both functional and beautiful.

  • Altair Evolution Matters with 20/20

    A4503, an oversized vintage square shape features sleek custom rivets on frame fronts and variations of tortoise and solids, paired with a retro keyhole nose bridge.

  • bebe Sun Showcased in 20/20

    This October 20/20 Magazine featured bebe sun style, BB7145 "Original," in the table of contents. Trend-driven yet wearable, this modified square style is a true “Original!” Crafted in handmade acetate, enamel filled crocodile patterns are etched onto frame fronts and temples with sleek metal accents.

  • September 2015
  • Autumn Welcomes Cole Haan Fresh Fashions with Eyecessorize

    As the air gets crisper and the leaves continue to turn those lovely shades of amber, we become even more obsessed with all things autumn! Earthy hues—think navies, grays and rustic browns—are ideal for this time of year, making CH4009 in Crystal Grey the perfect option.

  • Sunvision Gets Traditionally Tasteful with Cole Haan

    Embracing the combination of modernity and tradition, the new collection is based on three signature categories—Heritage, Classic and the Grand Lifestyle. With a deep commitment to craftsmanship, frames feature details such as genuine leather temples, pressed weave temples and iconic logo treatments.

  • bebe is Wildly Feminine in Sunvision

    The bebe fall 2015 collection introduces five new women’s sun styles. With fashion-forward styles, frames feature wild new animal print and stunning sparkles for a feminine look. Contoured temple treatments, iconic logos, jewel-toned and transparent colorations and textured quilt patterns add a touch of glam to each style.

  • Sunvision Showcases Cole Haan's Curated Craftsmanship

    CH6004, a classic Clark Kent style that pops out of the ordinary with white interior details and a keyhole bridge.

  • Cole Haan Graces the Cover of Sunvision

    CH6008 in Dark Tortoise graces the cover of 20/20 Magazine's Sunvision. This stylish round shape in handmade acetate features color blocked frame fronts and translucent temples with the Cole Haan logo laser-etched on the core wire.

  • Vision Monday Introduces the New Era of Cole Haan

    With the launch of the September 2015 collection, Cole Haan has marked the dawn of a new era in eyewear. Cole Haan infuses classic looks with exciting new technologies to create products that are both functional and beautiful.

  • VM Daily Day 3: Designer Discounts

    At Vision Expo West, Altair offered exclusive gifts and discounts on bebe, Cole Haan and JOE Joseph Abboud orders. Show specials included a charm bracelet and tote with a bebe order and a chance to win one of five Bose Bluetooth speakers with a JOE Joseph Abboud collection order.

  • VM Daily Day 1: Setting Up Cole Haan

    Our very own Debra Forstenzer was featured in Vision Monday's Show Daily Day 1 setting up the Cole Haan display case for the new launch!

  • 20/20 Spotlights Cole Haan Sun

    There is NO question — sunwear is ALWAYS in the spotlight. From tech to trendy, nothing beats a stylish frame that exquisitely serves its purpose. Cole Haan style CH6006 is sure to harness the power of the sun and keep your customers coming back for the most sun-sational frames.

  • VMail Presents Revlon

    The new Revlon optical collection by draws inspiration from Revlon’s latest beauty tools and cosmetic lines. Showcasing the brand’s ability to revitalize traditional elements with new fashion-forward styling, this season’s collection is refreshed and iridescent.

  • Vision Monday Features Cole Haan's New Era

    Cole Haan has marked the dawn of a new era in eyewear. Cole Haan infuses classic looks with exciting new technologies to create products that are both functional and beautiful.

  • Cole Haan is "In The Clear" with Vision Monday

    See-through is the new neutral. It’s been done in shoes and bags, so it’s only natural eyewear designers would jump on board. After all, what could be more universally flattering than one’s own skin? This season frames get the transparent treatment with a group of softly hued glasses that are all crystal clear, like Cole Haan style CH4008.

  • Eyecessorize Defines bebe's Fashion-Forward Fall Style

    Capturing the dramatic change of seasons with rich jewel tones and striking textural contrasts, bebe’s latest specs and sunnies are total must-haves for autumn!

  • Eyecare Business Shows Tommy Bahama's Evergreen Style

    Frames made from sustainable materials match fashion and conservation. Tommy Bahama sunglass style TB6042, "Kelpin' it Real," pairs a classic shape with an organic, eco-friendly bamboo element.

  • Cole Haan Featured in Eyecare Business

    With the launch of its 2015 collection, Cole Haan enters into a new era, infusing classic looks with exciting new technologies. Based on three collection categories (Heritage, Classic, and The Grand Lifestyle), Cole Haan’s commitment to craftsmanship shows in 20 ophthalmic and 13 sun styles for men and women.

  • Eyecare Business Introduces bebe

    One doesn’t need to be “Open-Minded” to notice the sophistication of BB5102. Frame fronts are sculpted in rich acetate colorations with sparkling Austrian crystal accents. Contoured metal temples feature Austrian crystals and triple laminated animal print temple tips.

  • Altair Evolution Graces the Cover of Invision

    Beachy hues of horizon colored horn acetate is paired with retro-inspired rectangle frame fronts and Evolution’s custom rivets in this fresh and feminine style, A5030.

  • 20/20 Offers Sunlites as a Preference for Plasticity

    SL5011 is an ultra-feminine style that features an uplifting rectangular shape with subtle color blocking and crystal accents, which make these technology-driven frames both functional and fashionable. Clip kit and custom-fit magnetic clip options are also available.

  • Joseph Abboud is Fit For a Winner in 20/20

    Along with his appearance at Vision Expo East in New York City this past March, Joseph Abboud and Altair Eyewear held a very unique contest where the grand prize winner of the drawing, Desmond Mitchell from Fayetville, Ga., received a one-on-one suit fitting with Abboud himself.

  • 20/20 Features Cole Haan's Creative Courage

    “Cole Haan is an iconic American brand with a renowned heritage and classic design that is seamlessly executed through each of their product categories,” says Steve Wright, president of Altair Eyewear. “Their skillful craftsmanship and eye for high quality will easily translate to eyewear that the Cole Haan consumer will appreciate.”

  • VCPN Showcases Sunlites

    Pearlized enamel, marbleized colors, and crystal accents, like SL5011, mark these functional yet fashionable frames for women and men offering a set of three rimless, magnetic clips in polarized, 3D, and contrast versions.

  • Cole Haan is Redefined and Refined in 20/20

    Illuminating Thought – Redefined and refined: The classic and traditional eyewear art of transparency. Cole Haan style, CH4009 in Crystal Yellow is a nostalgic P3 shape in translucent handmade acetate with a laser-etched Cole Haan logo on the temples.

  • Invision Drinks In the Newest Cole Haan

    From the brand new Cole Haan eyewear collection, model CH5006 has a trend-forward tea cup shape in handmade acetate, featuring solid frame fronts and tortoise colored temples.

  • 20/20 Goes Behind the Seen with Cole Haan

    “What’s fun about the eyewear industry is the fact that consumers are discovering the fact that they can—like footwear and clothing—have multiple pairs of eyewear that are occasion specific,” says DAVID MADDOCKS, CMO and GM of Business Development at COLE HAAN.

  • August 2015
  • Eyecessorize Showcases Joseph Abboud's Contemporary Edge

    Reminiscent of the art deco architectural elements and linear detailing of New York City’s most iconic structures—think the Empire State and Chrysler buildings—the latest Joseph Abboud glasses give way to urban sophistication!

  • Kilter Goes From School to Skate in Vision Monday

    The Kilter optical collection offers cutting edge shapes, cool camouflage patterns and bold colorful contrasts that focus on fit and fashion for an easy transition from school to skate wear.

  • KidzBiz Gets Super Sweet with Kilter

    Ultra-cool in crystal, K5002 features geek-chic fronts that layer solids over bright crystals for triple laminated contrast. The exposed core wire is laser engraved with signature zigzag designs and is encased in bright crystal temples.

  • Eyecare Business Introduces Genesis

    Genesis style G4027 is modern and on-trend. This rounded rectangle features earth tone horn colors. Double linear lines are laser-cut on metal temples and filled with subtle colored enamel for a touch of color contrast.

  • 20/20 Shows Kilter as the Modern Young Man

    When this lad needs a suit it will likely be bespoke. Oh Boy: stylish to the MAX. Kilter style K4005 combines the trend forward styling of plastic with the durability of metal.

  • Kilter Featured in 20/20

    Edgy and stylish, this boys’ frame (K4003) features radical patterns such as brightly-colored camouflage detail and engraved zigzags on the frame front, perfect for both during and after school.

  • 20/20 Magazine Announces Cole Haan License

    Altair Eyewear has announced a multiyear global licensing agreement with Cole Haan Eyewear to design, distribute and manufacture both ophthalmic and sunwear collections.

  • July 2015
  • Invision Has Fun in the Sun with bebe

    For the modern-day Jackie O, bebe style BB7142 "Misfit" has that classic rectangle shape that's been popular for decades.Translucent and solid frame fronts meet triple laminate animal camouflage temples — very trendy this season.

  • Kilter Gets Edgy in Vision Care Product News

    With edgy shapes and hues for teens, the eight ophthalmic styles include cool camouflage, acetate/metal combos with pops of color, and abstract custom prints. For girls, colored crystal is right on trend while boys can embrace geek-chic looks.

  • JOE Masters Masculine Architecture with Eyecessorize

    Offering up the perfect balance between organic edge and industrial influence, the latest JOE Joseph Abboud specs are total must-haves for guys this summer. Modern architectural silhouettes collide with warm earthy tones to convey quiet sophistication in these fresh new styles.

  • 20/20 Features bebe's Truthful Transparency

    How perfect that a generation bidding by truthful transparency also seems so attuned to that lucidity with lightly-colored crystals, especially pink, yellow, blue and… totally clear. bebe summer optical style, BB5090 "Miss-Understood," features a translucent front with triple laminate animal camouflage temples.

  • Anne Klein is Summer Ready in 20/20

    Four new Anne Klein optical styles feature modern shapes and refreshing colors with iconic logo treatments, perfect for summer. The collection is characterized by vibrant crystal tortoise patterns and distinct temple designs that all feature the brand’s logo.

  • June 2015
  • Vision Monday Announces Cole Haan

    Cole Haan has announced a multiyear global license agreement with Altair, a division of Marchon Eyewear, Inc., for the design, manufacture and distribution of sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear collections under the Cole Haan brand.

  • Eyecessorize Features Dependable Joseph Abboud

    Dependable rectangles are the go-to shape for guys, especially in crystal clear or slightly translucent treatments, like JA4050. Metal or mixed materials keep these frames minimalistic, and steely grays, olive greens and a range of blues provide depth.

  • bebe Simplifies in Eyecessorize

    There’s something powerful about going back to the basics and simplifying a wardrobe from head to toe. Oversized Jackie O square and butterfly silhouettes, as well as cheeky cat-eyes, are the perfect counterparts to aspiring style icons in cosmetic and pastel hues, making BB5102 and BB7146 perfect options.

  • Evolution Gets a Second Look with Vision Monday

    Altair Evolution integrates West Coast style to their Spring 2015 collection with seven new styles. The collection blends retro design with cool California colors.

  • Eyecessorize Has Old-School Fever with bebe

    What’s old is new again not only in terms of this season’s hottest clothing and accessories, but also for specs and sunnies. Mod-obsessed gals have plenty of options including a bold browline style, BB7147.

  • 20/20 is California Dreaming with Evolution

    The Altair Evolution Spring 2015 collection blends retro design with cool California colors for men and women. Vintage color inspirations and rich materials with a comfortable fit are reminiscent of West Coast style, leaving us in a golden state of mind.

  • May 2015
  • Kilter Defies the Norm in Eyecessorize

    Cool enough to rock from school to any after-hours activity, the latest Kilter specs are perfect for on-the-go teens who wanna look trendy at all times! A slew of edgy, yet wearable, rectangular and square silhouettes run the gamut, making these frames totally versatile.

  • Vision Monday Showcases the Adventure of bebe

    Channeling the spirit of adventure, bebe’s three summer optical styles feature animal camouflage prints, “B” rivet logos and iridescent animal acetate. Flowing silhouettes and metal logo cuff embellishments emanate a sense of well-traveled glamour.

  • Black is the New Black in Vision Monday

    The ultimate classic color scheme is black and that is the rationale behind the bebe Black Collection. To sex up the all black palette, inspiration was derived from luxury brands and added stones, studs and fashion-forward shapes, like the Make-Believer with faceted jet-black stones on the temple.

  • Vision Monday Features Genesis Spring

    Genesis introduces its spring optical collection, which focuses on clean lines and details. The collection features three frames for men and four frames for women.

  • Anne Klein Gets Fashionably Shady with Eyecessorize

    Guys 'n' gals are on the prowl for seasonal sunglasses to not only give their holiday outfits a shady boost, but to also protect their peepers from the nonstop sunshine. Nothing screams summertime more than Anne Klein style, AK7004 in taupe, flaunting a bold silhouette.

  • Eyecare Business Showcases Summer bebe Optical

    This Summer, bebe Eyewear releases an optical collection that captures the spirit of adventure with exclusive animal camouflage prints and shimmery iridescent animal acetates.

  • INVISION Catches Some Rays with Sunlites

    Model SL4500 is a unisex acetate frame with color pops under the black front and temples with subtle rivets. An optional three-clip kit designed for the frame includes polarized, contrast and 3-D magnetic clips.

  • Eyecare Business Covers Joseph Abboud at VEE

    After the live styling session at Vision Expo East, designer Joseph Abboud stopped by the Altair booth to fit his eyewear collection onto attendees and explain the collection to ECP's.

  • bebe Black is Selling Now

    INVISION magazine surveys ECP's around the country about which vision products are selling best in their practices. Diana Sims from Buena Vista Optical in Chicago, Illinois says, "bebe Black collection from Altair. Our demographic is drawn to this brand."

  • bebe Has Fresh Appeal in 20/20

    Spring is in the air and the new crop of eyewear is sure to make other accessories green with envy. No one will be miss-understood with the new bebe optical style BB5090 featured in 20/20 Magazine's 'The Ultimate Accessory.'

  • 20/20 Features Altair Evolution

    Altair Evolution A5029 is a perfect option for the GenEYE readers that are looking for freedom from designer branding while keeping the trendy retro-inspired details and California horn colorations.

  • Evolution Interests Millennials in Eyecare Business

    The Altair Evolution Spring 2015 collection blends retro design with cool California colors for men and women. Temples tell the story in style A4034, a full-rim stainless steel and acetate combination style for men.

  • April 2015
  • Tommy Bahama Gets Beach Chic with Eyecessorize

    Delivering flattering modern silhouettes, crisp coastal colors and elevated tropical patterns from paradise, the latest Tommy Bahama specs for guys ‘n’ gals offer up a fresh take on beach chic style!

  • The Ultimate Accessory Features bebe

    bebe adds new dimension in 20/20 Magazine's supplement, The Ultimate Accessory. With a focus on the most fashionable color and a clear care for capturing the light on its high lists, bebe is the opti-pair place to BEBE.

  • Everything Hinges on Tommy Bahama in 20/20

    A new way to weave. Polished, textured metal end pieces are updated with basket weave patterns and linear designs that accent the modern rectangular shape of TB4037.

  • Sunlites is a Sun Delight with 20/20

    20/20 Magazine featured the new Sunlites optical collection with bold acetate styles. With the addition of seven unisex styles, the collection consists of trendy shapes and bright colors with the added benefit of an optional magnetic clip kit containing three clips - polarized, 3D, and contrast.

  • March 2015
  • bebe Black Introduced by Vision Monday

    This spring bebe Black releases an extension to the bebe Eyewear capsule collection. With an emphasis on stones, studs and fashion-forward shapes, three new optical and two sunglass styles were developed in the classic color scheme.

  • Vision Monday Presents Sunlites Acetate

    Sunlites introduces a new acetate optical collection. The collection features seven new styles; three for men, three for women and one unisex. The layered acetate frames feature subtle end piece embellishments and patterns.

  • VM Daily Day 2: Look Who's Been Spotted

    Our very own Sean Cooley posed with Joseph Abboud and met the press after the menswear designers eyewear and fashion presentation at Vision Expo East.

  • VM Daily Day 1: Drink Champagne with Joseph Abboud

    Vision Monday featured the live styling session with Joseph Abboud in the Day 1 Vision Expo East Show Daily. Guests were invited to a champagne meet and great with the menswear designer following the session.

  • Anne Klein Offers a Toast-Worthy Palette in Eyecare Business

    Toast-worthy spring eyewear taps into the best vintages for an inspired color palette. Anne Klein sun style, AK7025 in Sand, offers a touch of Pinot Grigio that isn't just for sipping.

  • Eyecare Business Introduces bebe Black

    Sparkle meets sophistication in this “must-have” frame. BB5095 features sparkling, brilliant cut jet-black stones inlaid in sleek metal encasements accentuate temples and add a touch of glamour to this trendy rectangular shape.

  • JOE is a Metal Master in 20/20

    Stylish men who aren't afraid of color will love JOE4038. The layered handmade acetate is artfully sculpted to offer a deep, geek-chic shape and create understated, sophisticated color blocking.

  • 20/20 is Foiled Again with Joseph Abboud

    As metal surges, get ready for some masterful Havana-toned foil rims. Every GENeration needs a dollop of GENtlemen, and this is the frame, JA4046, those GenEYE dudes need.

  • Sunvision Showcases bebe's Jewel-Filled Temples

    Want to catch that side light just right? Engrave and engage those temples with a jewel-like and precious precision. bebe Black style, BB7144 looks stunning in 20/20 Magazine's Sunvision.

  • bebe Graces the Cover of Sunvision

    Daytime. Nighttime. Suntime. This is wear you want to bebe. bebe Black style, BB7143 is SUNsational on the cover of 20/20 Magazine's Sunvision.

  • VCPN Features Anne Klein Sun

    Six new suns with modern colors, shapes and vintage styling such as the chic, oversized AK7023, a modern aviator in stainless steel and warm color (AK7024), and the trendy cat eye with gold linear detailing (AK7025).

  • Spring Anne Klein Sun Featured in 20/20

    Anne Klein launches six sun styles and one color addition. Classics are updated with a modern twist, encompassing elements of tonality, minimalism and vintage appeal. Characterized by chic oversized shapes, tortoise patterns and two-tone color combinations, this collection embraces notable wardrobe essentials for this season.

  • Vision Monday Introduces Anne Klein Petite Collection

    Anne Klein introduces a collection specifically for petite sizes. The collection includes seven new styles and two size additions and is available in standard and specialty sizing, for customers with smaller or narrower faces.

  • 20/20 Shows the Classy and Cultured Side of Anne Klein

    This Spring, Anne Klein adds seven new optical styles available in petite sizes as well as standard dimensions. This extension puts special focus on providing an ergonomic fit for women with small or narrow faces and delicate features.

  • February 2015
  • Anne Klein is Purely Organic in Eyecessorize

    Mimicking natural materials and textures, this spring, eyewear is being revisited through an earthy lens. Anne Klein style, AK7025 offers a soothing coloration as a tranquil backdrop for the metal brow bar embellishment.

  • Tommy Bahama Bring the Tropics to VCPN

    Tropical tonality, bold prints, and oceanic colors define the spring collection in acetate and stainless steel. A classic aviator and wayfarer come to shore for men while cat-eye, chic rectangle, and a polarized lens make waves for feminine styles.

  • Eyecessorize Epitomizes JOE with Sporty Street Style

    Inspired by iconic menswear elements, the newest JOE Joseph Abboud collection fuses subtle color blocking and masculine matte finishes with innovative textures and designs. Sporty street style comes to life with structured rectangular and square silhouettes and a dose of urban flavor.

  • bebe is Romantically Playful in 20/20

    Spring bebe offers eight ophthalmic and six sunwear styles in both classic and trendy shapes. The collection is crafted to accessorize all types of bebe girls, featuring geek-chic and cat-eye shapes that are trimmed with iridescent lace, Austrian crystals, pyramid studs and flirty animal prints.

  • Anne Klein Adds a New Dimension in Eyecare Business

    Anne Klein eyewear introduces the launch of the Petite collection. Anne Klein petite sizes are designed for women with small or narrow faces and delicate features. With seven new styles and two size additions, this optical collection offers stylish, chic eyewear in both standard and specialty sizing.

  • Eyecare Professional Features Anne Klein

    In true Anne Klein fashion, vintage meets modern in AK5036, a refined cat-eye for women. Colored tortoise frame fronts fade into light crystal colors, creating an elegant ombré. Temples are adorned with enamel filled Lion logos, paying tribute to the classic icon.

  • Altair Evolution's Metals Matter in 20/20

    Gone are the days of wiry metal frames – say HELLO to a fresh crop of architecturally-designed styles. 20/20 Magazine features Altair Evolution style, A5026, designed for savvy women with an eye for details, making this metal the perfect choice.

  • Vision Monday Introduces Spring bebe

    For the spring, bebe releases an optical and sunwear collection with eight optical and six sunglass frames. The new styles feature baguette logo crystals, iridescent lace, Austrian crystals, pyramid studs, and custom animal prints. Whether she's a rocker, dreamer or glam girl, she'll find a signature look that appeals to her individual style.

  • January 2015
  • Tommy Bahama Scores Big with Eyecessorize

    The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks duked it out in the biggest, most epic football game of the year! There's was no better way to accessorize your look than with matching specs and sunnies. For Seahawks fans, TB7047 in Navy/Black made the perfect option.

  • 20/20 Magazine Showcases bebe For GenEYE

    GenEYE is the core millennial generation that is likely the most fixated eyewear demographic EVER in the history of retailing glasses. They love eyewear. It's hip, it's hot and bebe style BB7137 'lush' is a must-have accessory for the GenEYE women looking for an intoxicating playful sunglass.

  • Eyecessorize Dresses Tommy Bahama for the Award Season

    Award season has officially started! If you're going for a fashionably relaxed look, men could slip on the trendy Tommy Bahama style TB4030 for an easy going vibe. Nothing says timeless style than traditional chocolate brown rectangular glasses from Tommy Bahama.

  • Joseph Abboud Featured in Invision

    Handsome herringbone inside the temples teams with sleek stainless steel in model JA4040, that offers a modified rectangular shape with a retro design in blackjack, olive and tortoise acetate. The coordinating herringbone pattern is a signature of the designer's spring suit collection.

  • Vision Monday Presents Revlon's Winter 2014 Collection

    Revlon introduces new optical frames available in radiant colors like plum, teal and tortoise, which complement the sophisticated design details featuring a hint of sparkle. The collection features four readily wearable optical frames in vibrant colors that, like the namesake cosmetic brand, accentuate the eyes and lashes.

  • December 2014
  • Joseph Abboud Herringbone Details Appear in 20/20

    The modern man who appreciates good design and sophisticated tailoring will love JA4040. Inspired by the 2014 suit collection, the herringbone pattern appears on the inner temples of the frame in 20/20 magazine.

  • Eyecare Business Features Revlon's Beauty Trends

    For Winter 2014, Revlon Eyewear presents four opthalmic styles featuring face-friendly shapes in vibrant colors 'that accentuate the eyes and lend a little love to lashes.'

  • bebe Decks the Halls with Style

    With holly jolly celebrations upon us, time is running out to snag holiday goodies for the awesome peeps in your life. But lucky for you, Eyecessozie is here to help you choose the perfect presents for just about everyone. bebe sunnies, BB7119, that are versatile enough to complement any professional get-up make the perfect gift for your co-workers.

  • Congratulations to Tami Ortiz

    Our very own Tami Ortiz, Senior Marketing Manager, is one of Vision Monday's Most Influential Women in Optical. Tami was selected for the Innovators award because... 'Tami spearheaded the development of Altair Inventory Management (AIM) which features a user-friendly interface that enables doctors to use their computer or mobile device to manage their inventory. She also led the development of AltairEyewear.com.'

  • November 2014
  • JOE Appears in Eyecare Business VEW Wrap-Up

    Guests were welcomed at Altair's several booth events, toasting Altair's collection of house brands at the House Party and sharing steaming hot cups of JOE every morning.

  • Eyecare Business Introduces Joseph Abboud Herringbone Collection

    Known for modern, sophisticated design elements and patterns, Joseph Abboud Eyewear introduces 'The Herringbone Collection.' Channeling the art of design, this collection of six optical styles draw from innovative and refined elements, wearable from suit to sight.

  • Vision Monday Showcases New Fall bebe

    This fall 2014, bebe Eyewear releases a sunwear and optical collection for the many faces of the bebe girl. Cat-eye shapes, lace details, Austrian crystals and colored tortoises create a collection with depth and variety.

  • Cute Overload with Pets in Our Specs

    Vision Monday readers posted pictures of their beloved pets to Facebook and Twitter for their most recent VMSpirit campaign, PetsInSpecs. Bella the dog is featured wearing her favorite Anne Klein AK7007 sunglasses while Trango is pictured chillaxin' by the pool in bebe sunnies, BB7081.

  • Genesis is Genius in Invision

    Executive style rooted in a classical design, model G4018 from the Genesis collection is on trend with its engraved temple plaque. The horn effect pattern gives that extra luxe touch for the man about the town.

  • Invision Knows bebe is Selling Now

    According to Julia Castillo with Dr. Gregory A. Stainer's office in Bakersfield, CA says, '...bebe eyewear are selling great! Good product, name recognition and great pricing.' BB5078 'Kick Back' is the perfect option for the bebe rocker girl with the signature colored cheetah prints.

  • Tommy Bahama Man's Up in 20/20 Magazine

    Men need sun protection just like everyone else. Tommy Bahama style TB6043 'I Yacht to Go,' bamboo frame with polarized lenses provides style-shy guys the perfect entry point to a polished look.

  • Joseph Abboud is Perfect Men or Women in 20/20

    In many cases (just like that favorite boy-friend-shirt!), women get that man-style message with an equally powerful commitment to the shapes, styles and colors men swear by. 20/20 Magazine has the pics to prove that dames wear it as well and Joseph Abboud style JA4039 is no exception.

  • 20/20 Mandates Genesis Men's

    20/20 magazine features Genesis style, G4018, for men looking for a geek chic appeal. This handmade acetate, oversized geek-chic frame showcases metal plaque end pieces and offers deep b-measurements and longer temple lengths to comfortably fit wide faces.

  • Eyecessorize Introduces Radiantly Chic Revlon Specs

    Alluring colors, perfectly wearable silhouettes and a touch of sparkle-these are the elements that make up Revlon's chic selection of wintry specs for gals.

  • Vision Monday Presents Fall Tommy Bahama

    The new Tommy Bahama collection presents a variety of styles with details including genuine bamboo, coastal colors and island-inspired designs. The collection offers four optical styles and two sunglass styles each for both men and women.

  • October 2014
  • Eyecessorize Gets in A Metallic Frame of Mind with Evolution

    Molded metal takes on new shape in the Evolution collection! Trend-setting flat metal frame fronts are accented with the brand's signature custom rivets with retro influence. To boot, pearlized, matte and bold ombre finishes bring further flair to these sleek silhouettes, ranging from retro-inspired rectangles and wayfarers to soft ovals.

  • Vision Monday Introduces Revlon

    This season's cosmetic-inspired Revlon collection provides new soft backgrounds with glowing crystals and shimmery details. Showcasing the brand's ability to revitalize traditional shapes and styles in new and creative ways, this season's collection is abstract and iridescent.

  • VCPN Tops Out Temples with bebe

    Temple placement can make a fashion statement and temples found on the high end are more stylish than ever and bebe style BB7099 is no exception. Full of personality and edge, the chain-like top bar and drop temple is overflowing with studs and crystal stones.

  • 20/20 Welcomes Tommy Bahama to Havana

    Enjoy your stay. You certainly Tortoise will when it comes to this powerful eyewear staple. In true Tommy Bahama fashion, TB4032 pairs an enduring rectangular shape with the first time use of genuine bamboo and is available in classic colors like black and tortoise.

  • bebe Shows Off a Zyl Style in 20/20

    The bebe girl who wants a striking cat-eye design in a colorful tortoise mix will love BB5079. Playful and feminine, 'Kindness' sets an ethereal tone with color tortoises and enamel logo plaques. This trendy design captures our dreamers heart, but still allows her to be flirty!

  • Midwest Lens Introduces Revlon

    For fall 2014, Revlon Eyewear introduces three optical styles that feature intricate color blocking and cosmetic-inspired design details on temples. Showcasing the brand's ability to revitalize traditional shapes and styles in new and creative ways, this season's collection is abstract and iridescent.

  • Anne Klein Saves the Ta-Tas with Eyecessorize

    Got pink? We hope so since it's all about saving the ta-tas these days, as October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month! With Anne Klein special edition sun style, AK7020 in Tortoise Pink, it's never been easier to support the millions of ladies who have fought or are currently fighting the battle against breast cancer.

  • Eyecessorize Features Genesis for Modern Gents

    Classic designs collide with sophisticatedly modern detailing in the latest Genesis collection of gentlemanly specs. Strong semi-rimless and traditional rectangles, as well as aviator-inspired silhouettes, are updated with cool engraved textures, metallic overlays, and matte and glossy finishes.

  • Vision Monday Envision's Pink with Anne Klein

    During October, Anne Klein has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a new, limited style in their sunglasses collection to raise awareness and support for the organization. The new rectangle-shaped style, AK7020, is tortoise-patterened with a pink interior, made of handmade acetate and features the classic Leo Lion plaque.

  • Anne Klein Graces the Cover of Optical Prism

    Anne Klein style AK5030 in Black appears on the cover of Optical Prism magazine. This Canadian magazine for eye care professionals features the classically striking silhouette updated with modern appeal. The intricate tortoise pattern spices up the solid front adding dimension and highlighting the sightly beveled temples.

  • September 2014
  • Eyecessorize Falls into the Season with Revlon

    Fall is right around the corner and Revlon is already flaunting a spankin' new collection of specs fit for the fresh season! Inspired by the brand's cosmetic pigments, these classically sleek rectangular silhouettes are given a boost with lots of color blocking, as well as a rich palette of navy, blush and brown hues with pops of metallic gold and silver.

  • Kilter's Helpful Tools Seen in Eyecare Business

    To bolster the promotion of its newest launch of Kilter Eyewear designed for today's teens, Altair is offering a number of POP elements - including a three-piece display, a counter cube and posters. Each of the elements prominently features Kilter's signature 'K' logo.

  • Optical News Daily Features Genesis Men's Collection

    This fall, Genesis releases five men's ophthalmic styles built on a foundation of strong shapes and pure materials. Characterized by engraved textures, matte and shine finishes and the use of rich horn materials, these ophthalmic glasses are masculine in form and offer clean and classic style.

  • Altair Evolution Graces the Cover of Our Eyewear

    Our Eyewear is based on brands, traditions, materials and a sense of optical quality. The Fall 2014 Altair Evolution collection is no exception featuring custom rivet design elements combined with metal retro-inspired shapes and gradient colors. A5027 in Plum Fade graces the cover of 20/20 Magazine's Our Eyewear this September.

  • Altair Evolution Continues to Evolve in Our Eyewear

    Crafted with the highest attention to detail, the Fall Altair Evolution retro-inspired milled metal combination frames feature custom laser etched rivets, bold gradient colorations and acetate temples. Handmade acetate temples offer rich colors for a stylish frame design, while milled metals merit strength and durability.

  • Altair's Consignment Model Impacts Eyecare Business

    One of the biggest investments in any optical dispensary is inventory. Altair's consignment model is a different way to add frames to your boards. President, Steve Wright, and Account Executive, Genevie Roman discuss the benefits and how it can impact the frame-buying business.

  • Marie Claire Highlights bebe Sunglasses

    Make yourself at home. Get all dressed up even with no place to go with bebe aviators. bebe's retail style BB7109 'Ironic' in Coral/Silver (limited availability) that was featured in bebe's national advertising campaign graces Marie Claire's magazine.

  • Anne Klein Featured in Sunglasses Magazine

    As you know, the great thing about fashion branded sunwear is that the designs usually mimic the brand's current ready-to-wear collection. Anne Klein sunglasses are no exception when is comes to frames that are synonymous with the brand.

  • VM Daily Day 1: Looks Who's Been Spotted

    Our very own Michelle Hamm was featured in Vision Monday's Show Daily Day 1 wearing Anne Klein sunglasses in preparation for the Anne Klein photo kiosk at the Altair Booth.

  • Tommy Bahama Bamboo Shines in 20/20

    This season Tommy Bahama Eyewear introduces a collection enriched with vibrant coastal colors, island-inspired design details and the first-ever use of genuine bamboo. The fall collection features two men's optical and two men's sun styles with bamboo temples that are eco-friendly, lightweight and durable.

  • 20/20 Magazine Features Genesis

    It's simple: Eyewear is the only accessory men need to look their best. The latest trends allow men to create their own personal style, without sacrificing comfort and simplicity. Genesis style G4018 is the perfect option for men looking for a frame that fits their lifestyle and budget.

  • 20/20 Seeks bebe For 2015

    BB7121 'Kitten' is featured in 20/20 Magazine's 'Style Feature' for frames that are a must see for 2015. This cat-eye frame purrs with strategically placed sequins and iridescent lace fabric.

  • bebe is All Attitude with Sunvision

    With CatEye shapes, Austrian crystals, lace details and colored Havanas, bebe introduces a new sunwear and optical collection for fall 2014. From Altair Eyewear, the bebe collection offers depth and variety for all women. With an oval shape and faded color palette, 'Kicking It' BB7120 stands out in the crowd with crystals and studs interchanging along the temples.

  • Sunvision Showcases bebe's Web Sight

    Akin to a sexy fishnet, the web pattern pulls intense dimensions to this dramatic sun style. BB7121 'Kitten' in Midnight, a cat-eye frame that purrs with strategically placed sequins and iridescent lace fabric.

  • Anne Klein: A Wardrobe Staple in Sunvision

    For fall 2014, Anne Klein Eyewear releases five new sun styles. The new sunwear continues to represent the Leo Legacy, Wild Eyes and Tortoise groups. Capturing the essence of Anne Klein, frames feature animal print accents and alluring hues of pinks, blues and purple tortoises.

  • Anne Klein Graces the Cover of Sunvision

    AK7020 in Tortoise Pink graces the cover of 20/20 Magazine's Sunvision. This classically striking silhouette is updated with modern appeal. Tortoise prints sweep down the temple highlighting the Leo Lion plaque. The limited edition Tortoise Pink celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • August 2014
  • Otis & Piper is Calling All Kids in 20/20 Magazine

    The 12-piece kid-friendly eyewear collection offers style for children from infancy through the teen years. Brilliant colorations, cool frame shapes, simple lines and modern details create styles that boys and girls will enjoy.

  • Eyecessorize Gets Playful with Sight for Students

    The kids are heading back to school and there is no better way to give their fresh fall gear a boost than with some stylish specs. Sight for Students style SFS4500 is great for girls looking for playful pinks and purples with a pop of tortoise.

  • Kilter Gets Frame with Eyecessorize

    Calling all mommies n' daddies! Summer is sadly coming to a close, and your lil tykes are probably begging to snag some spankin' new goodies for their wardrobes before heading back to school. Try Kilter style K4000 that offers cool zigzag linear accents.

  • 20/20 Magazine Rocks JOE

    Season six singing sensation Josh Kaufman took the top tile of 'The Voice' in sleek JOE Joseph Abboud. Check out Josh in JOE Joseph Abboud style JOE4019 standing side-by-side with his coach Usher.

  • Pacific Northern Features Altair Evolution Display

    POP partner, Pacific Northern, features the Altair Evolution display in one of their magazine advertisements. Call your Altair Account Executive today to find out how you can get this display in your office!

  • Vision Monday Debuts bebe Summer Collection

    Five new optical styles from bebe Eyewear highlight patterns, studs and crystal embellishments in a variety of shapes for consumers who embody the personalities of dreamers, rockers or glamour girls.

  • Cosmopolitan Features bebe

    bebe's retail style BB7108 'Illusive' (limited availability) is featured in the August issue of Cosmopolitan. This retro-inspired black cat-eye features delicate gold studs and is sure to be a head turner.

  • July 2014
  • VCPN Features the Zig Zags of Kilter

    Embracing the off-kilter nature of being a teenager, the Kilter collection features five ophthalmic styles for the 12-to-18-year-old set - two for girls, two for boys, and one unisex. Styles K4000, K4001 and K4002 (unisex) feature a zigzag pattern on the temples and the temples of K5000 and K5001 boast a subtle line.

  • Tommy Bahama is Fun in the Sun in Eyecare Business

    Tommy Bahama joined in the Pacific surf fun at the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race in California with a product-centric tent as well as prize packages to event attendees. Each prize pack included Altair's Tommy Bahama sunglasses.

  • Eyecare Business Keeps Things Cool with Kilter

    A teen collection walks the line with custom design elements which illustrate that not every journey is a straight path. Debuting this summer, Kilter from Altair rolls out a five piece ophthalmic collection for boys and girls (two boys, two girls, and one unisex) ages 12 to 18 years old.

  • 20/20 Magazine Seeks JOE for GenEye

    That youth-inspired army known here as GenEYE is quite clear about where it stands when it comes to eyewear. Get ready, here comes metal. JOE Joseph Abboud style, JOE4032 is the perfect vintage-inspired round shape metal that is a trendy style for men.

  • Vision Monday Unveils New Revlon Styles

    Altair has revitalized their Revlon Eyewear collection with new wearable and flattering shapes. Six new optical styles feature new accents and colorations, including shiny rose tints, mixed tortoises, as well as floral prints and rhinestone details.

  • Kilter Defies the Norm in Vision Monday

    Following its debut this June, Kilter promises the ideal balance of high quality, cool style and fresh attitude for the 12 to 18 year old active teen, and is a collection to defy the norm. This particular collection is for the teenager looking to make their mark, steal the prom queen's heart, take down the quarterback and leave a legend.

  • Vision Monday Features Genesis

    Genesis introduces new styles with an updated point of view that personifies the collection's namesake with an intentional focus on quality materials, pure design and simple use of color, shapes and sizes.

  • Eyecessorize Elevates Eye-Catching Style with bebe

    Embodying the look 'n' feel of dreamers, rockers and glamour, these summertime bebe specs were specially designed with daring babes in mind! With playful animal prints, lots of studs and crystal embellishments at the forefront, these glasses are sure to elevate any gal's uniquely eye-catching style.

  • Kilter Makes Magic in KidzBiz

    Give a young pirate a sword (cardboard, of course), and he will relentlessly defend his ship. Like all kids, 20/20's KidzBiz models love making believe, creating their own magic worlds and forging grand plans for the future. And what a better way to envision the future than with the perfect eyewear, Kilter. K4002 gives kids a grown up look with a bold rectangle splashed with blue, green, tortoise and of course pink.

  • Revlon Featured in Optical News Daily

    For fall 2014, Revlon Eyewear introduces three optical styles that feature intricate color blocking and cosmetic-inspired design details on temples. Showcasing the brand's ability to revitalize traditional shapes and styles in new and creative ways, this season's collection is abstract and iridescent. Shades of navy, blush and brown provide a soft background for glowing crystal details and shimmery striations.

  • Optical News Daily Features bebe Behind the Scenes

    To gear up for Fall, Altair Eyewear's team was on site at the bebe Eyewear photoshoot in sunny Los Angeles California. Red, purples, va-va-voom volumized hair and ultra-glam jewelry, clothing and eyewear dominated - it was so a' la bebe.

  • JOE is Simply Sophisticated With Eyecessorize

    Confident gents will find inspiration from the past to make fashion-forward decisions for the future with JOE Joseph Abboud's latest line of specs. Embodying the true sophistication and understated styling of the renowned brand, these glasses focus on texture and patterns, giving way to designs that are reminiscent of casual fabrics with subtle pops of color.

  • June 2014
  • Eyecare Business Gets Ready for Summer with Tommy Bahama

    A team from Harper's Bazaar and Tommy Bahama discussed the styles for spring and summer at the Tommy Bahama Fifth Avenue flagship store. Warming up in the hotter months: bright colors, vibrant prints, and cool sunglasses.

  • Revlon's Color Me Spectacular Featured in Eyecare Business

    In honor of Mother's Day, VSP Vision Care teamed up with Altair to launch the Revlon 'Color Me Spectacular' Mother's Day Sweepstakes. Entrants were asked to 'like' the VSP Facebook page, fill out and entry form and pin one of three Revlon-branded images. The three lucky winners received a new pair of Revlon optical frames with UNITY Performance Optics lenses, Revlon nail enamel kit and a bouquet of flowers.

  • Vision Monday Presents Joseph Abboud

    Joseph Abboud Eyewear has released an opthalmic collection with organic elements and holistic details. Three new styles for men, featuring textures including wood inspired and matte and shine combinations to create design depth when applied to the acetate temples.

  • Eyecessorize Women's Fall Trends Feature bebe Black

    Floral, abstract and apparel-inspired prints, open bridges, look-at-me brow bars, layer effects are women's fall eyewear trend details. The iconic cat-eye, BB7099 'Ice Ice Baby' fits this trend with individually placed stones and studs on a polished gold brow bar. Extending through end pieces, the emblazoned metal transitions into thin, sweeping temples highlighted by scattered engraved accents.

  • VCPN Shows Joseph Abboud to Sell Men's Eyewear

    Men have traditionally worn frames in conservative colors but are now embracing bolder hues and textures in their clothing which is spilling over into eyewear. Some temples have textured patterns in monochromatic color schemes while others are raised to add dimension, making JA4033 the perfect example for men who appreciate some of the finer details in frame design.

  • Kilter is California Cool in 20/20 Magazine

    A five-piece opthalmic collection targeted to boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Included are two boys', two girls' and one unisex design. Frames are offered in bold, fun color combinations with cat-eye, modified oval and rectangular shapes that feature the signature zigzag temple detailing.

  • Optical News Daily Features Genesis

    This summer, Altair launches six new Genesis styles for ladies. With an updated point of view this smart assortment personifies its namesake with intentional focus on quality materials, pure design, and simple use of color, shapes and sizes.

  • Eyecessorize Shows Kilter's Sense of Style

    Of all people, young guys 'n' gals know that not every journey follows a straight path! The spankin' new eyewear brand Kilter has channeled this mindset, crafting a fresh collection of specs for teens that shows chaos has a sense of style. A pattern of confusion that makes total sense, a zigzag is a repeating adornment on these frames' temples.

  • Genesis Makes Specs Appeal Simple in Eyecessorize

    Soft hues, minimal detailing and sophisticated silhouettes run the gamut when it comes to the summertime collection of specs by Genesis, giving way to utterly chic, yet simplistic, style.

  • JOE Featured in Optical News Daily

    Debuting this summer, JOE Joseph Abboud releases a 5-piece optical collection that embodies the sophisticated and understated styling of the Joseph Abboud brand. With a focus on texture and pattern, the JOE Joseph Abboud collection is reminiscent of casual fabrics with subtle pops of color.

  • May 2014
  • Eyecessorize Picks Anne Klein For The Glam Mama

    Eyecessorize handpicked their favorite gifts, including specs and sunnies of course, for glamorous, serene and power mamas everywhere. Celebrate your very own special gal on Mother's Day by showering her with lots of goodies that coincide with her unique personality. Anne Klein's (AK5021) classic beige round specs with stud- and snakeskin-embellished temples are perfect for fanciful maven's everywhere

  • Tommy Bahama Retail Display Pictured in Eyecare Business.

    Cutting prices isn't the only way to make your frame sell. High-quality displays and smart placements at impulse buying points can help drive the success of selling frames and accessories. 'The key to success is how you merchandise.' The Tommy Bahama retail ready sun display is the perfect option to display sunglasses.

  • Sight for Students Featured in Eyecessorize's Fall Trends

    Playful pinks and purples, eye-catching blues and yellows, soft color blocking, pops of tortoise and horn washes create girl's color trends for fall. SFS4500 is the perfect choice to stay in trend.

  • Eyecessorize's Fall Trends Feature Kilter

    Sprightly cut-out and curved temples, nifty clip-on lenses, zigzag and linear accents, two-toned and glossy effects make up this Falls, boy's trend details. K4000 is the perfect example of this upcoming trend.

  • Men's Wearhouse to Launch Joseph Abboud Collection

    Men's Wearhouse is upping the ante. The men's speciality-store chain will introduce a limited-edition collection from designer Joseph Abboud for fall. The higher-priced offering from the company's chief creative officer will be marketed through a new Joseph Abboud Website that is expected to be launched around October 1. Complete your tailored look with Joseph Abboud eyewear.

  • Eyecare Business Showcases bebe at VEE

    At Vision Expo East, models showcased the latest bebe eyewear styles. Customers previewed the new bebe Black optical and sun collection and were able to take advantage of show specials while at the Altair booth.

  • 20/20 Magazine Feature bebe Black Optical

    bebe Black brings a new dynamic to the coveted line with a greater emphasis on stones and studs. Shapes are trendy, yet wearable with a touch of glamour, dreamer or rocker, keeping true to the bebe brand DNA. All styles are offered in one size and are available in black only.

  • Nina Agdal Has a Spring Fling with bebe

    Nina Agdal rocks bebe sun style, BB7099 'Ice Ice Baby' at bebe's Spring Fling and Sunglasses Launch event in Miami Beach, Fl. The 21-year-old model was joined at the party by the brand's CEO Steve Birkhold, Jeaninne Howard, and Real Housewives of Miami Adriana De Moura, Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton.

  • The Ultimate Accessory Shows Anne Klein's Powerful Roar

    The Anne Klein 'lion' logo is at once classic and immediately recognizable, so a case carrying that symbol concerted with eyewear and sunwear 'familied' by subtle striping striations on the temples in complementing zyl and metal colorations make for a natural matchup. AK5025 and AK7014 roar in 20/20 Magazine's 'The Ultimate Accessory.'

  • Stainless Steel is Fashionable with Anne Klein

    Metal frame materials aren't necessarily known for their fashion aspect but that's about to change with some stylish stainless steel designs. The use of snakeskin and pyramid stud embellishments in Anne Klein style AK5022, transforms this stainless steel style. AK5022 is available in mocha, taupe and plum.

  • Anne Klein in 20/20 Magazine's 'The Ultimate Accessory'

    Anne Klein style, AK5021 is stunning and sophisticated combining snakeskin and pyramid studs on each temple. Pearlized colorations adorn the temples while angular sculpting on the inside temple adds exaggerated volume. AK5021 is available in black, mocha and taupe.

  • 20/20 Magazine Features Altair Evolution

    Altair Evolution unisex style, A4501, is showcased in 20/20 Magazine. This thick plastic frame with a retro-inspired keyhole accent, available in Black, Tortoise and Matte Tortoise, is the perfect necessity in the quest for better vision.

  • Eyecessorize Gives a Taste of Spring with Revlon

    The latest Revlon eyewear collection is bursting with alluring hues, stunning details and flattering silhouettes! An understated, yet feminine, palette of mauve rose, metallic gold and bronze, beige and black screams ladylike chic. Meanwhile, subtly gorgeous accents run the gamut-think opulent gemstones, marbleized and glossy finishes, floral prints reminiscent of spring foliage, color blocking drawing influence from makeup palettes and touches of the iconic Revlon crosshatch.

  • Entertainment Tonight Gives Away Altair Evolution

    All moms deserve to be treated like a star once in a while, right?! ET helped some of their viewers give their moms the celeb treatment for Mother's Day. Including gorgeous jewelry, cute boots, an ultra-cool tablet, Altair Evolution frames and more, the winners mom will really feel the love with this gift collection!

  • JOE Rocks 'The Voice'

    Josh Kaufman, the soulful singer and songwriter hailing from Indianapolis took home The Voice season 6 title on NBC. Check out Josh in JOE Joseph Abboud style JOE4019 standing side-by-side with his coach Usher.

  • April 2014
  • NYC Pretty Suits Up with Tommy Bahama

    Stylist Christine Bibbo Herr popped into the NYC Tommy Bahama store for a personal swim fit with specialist, Lissette Marquez, to prepare for the Sip & Swim event. She discovered many chic swim styles and sunglasses to accessorize her look. TB7011 in Silver, TB7034 in Brown and Black and TB7037 in Gold were a few styles Christine paired with each swimsuit.

  • Perfect Host Jane Lynch in Eyecare Business

    'Glee' star Jane Lynch in bebe sunglass style BB7092. When she's not torturing kids at McKinley High, Lynch is busy hosting the second season of 'Hollywood Game Night,' which airs on Monday nights on NBC.

  • Vision Monday Unveils Altair Evolution

    Inspired by the relaxed attitude of California living, Altair Evolution is a blend of retro designs, cool colors and rich materials targeting 25 to 35-year-old men and women looking to evolve their personal style.

  • Jane Lynch in bebe Featured in 20/20 Magazine

    Jane Lynch plays 'Glee' head coach Sue Sylvester and 'Hollywood Game Night' host and dresses things up in bebe sunglass style 'Go Girl' BB7092 trimmed with a chain link-inspired detail.

  • 20/20 Magazine Features bebe Sunwear

    Sunwear Over the Rainbow: The numbers speak brightly so perhaps it's time to... get some sun. bebe retail style BB7111 'Imagine' in Midnight Peach (limited availability), features the re-emerging state of fades that contribute to the increase in demand for sunwear.

  • bebe is a Star in 20/20 Magazine

    A veritable mother load of shapes, materials, tones, shades and situation-specific elucidations make sunwear optical's most high-profile star. bebe retail style BB7110 'Indeed' (limited availability) is the perfect accessory to make you shine like a star.

  • Vision Monday Debuts New Anne Klein Eyewear

    Staying on trend, Anne Klein eyewear introduces new styles featuring angular shapes, neutral/translucent colors and pops of feminine blues, greens and purples. Capturing the essence of Anne Klein, the eyewear collection continues to represent our Wild Eyes, Leo Legacy and Tortoise inspirations and adds new and innovative detailing to create an element of surprise.

  • March 2014
  • 20/20 Magazine Showcases New Tommy Bahama Sun

    Tommy Bahama TB7039 'Nauti Girl' in Brown, is perfect for women who want eye-catching style with a twist. The palm leaves are adorned with individually placed crystals and inlaid onto sculpted plastic temples. This style draws inspiration from Tommy Bahama accessories where texture, and a touch of sparkle and shine are key trends.

  • Vision Monday Shows Tommy Bahama's Side of Radiant Orchid

    According to Pantone, the global color authority, who named it THE color of 2014, radiant orchid is 'an expressive, creative and embracing purple... a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones' and it's a natural for some super feminine ophthalmic styles for spring. TB5028 relies heavily on the more purple aspects of the color in a very wearable modified rectangle in a smoky plum acetate.

  • bebe Black Sun Blings in 20/20 Magazine

    The bebe Black capsule collection raises the bar and sets a distinctive tone that reflects the confidence and style of the bebe consumer who wants to keep that little black dress sexy with bebe Black eyewear. A greater emphasis is placed on stones and studs in this collection, staying true to the bebe brand DNA of adding a touch of glamour, dreamer or rocker attitude. All styles are offered in one size and are available only in black.

  • 20/20 Magazine Features bebe in Spring Trends

    A new eyewear season is here, and this time around, 20/20 Magazine is letting you draw your own conclusions shaped by the ideal that eyewear is forever a WONDER. bebe retail style BB7111 'Imagine' in Midnight Peach (limited availability), features the re-emerging state of fades that is trending this Spring.

  • bebe Joins 20/20 Magazine's Cat Club

    As Preston Fassel commented in 'The Cat's Meow,' a recent feature in 20/20, 'The distinctive swoop of the CatEye causes an optical effect in which the wearer's face and features appear to be drawn upward, creating the illusion that the individual is smiling even if she isn't and making her feel super happy if she is.' bebe retail style, BB7108 'Illusive' in Jet (limited availability), will bring a smile to any face. And there's nothing catty about that.

  • Altair Evolution is Breaking the Boundaries in 20/20 Magazine

    Targeted to men and women 25 to 35 years old looking to revitalize and evolve their personal style, Evolution is inspired by the relaxed attitude of California living. A perfect blend of retro shapes - bold squares and deep rectangles - with custom rivets, keyhole bridges, vintage horn and tortoise colorations and rich materials, the eyewear pays tribute to the past as Altair moves toward the future. Included are three men's, four women's and two unisex styles.

  • 20/20 Magazine Features Jane Lynch in bebe

    The world has been enthralled with celebrities for eons and it naturally follows that consumers want to wear what they wear. 20/20 Magazine features Jane Lynch wearing BB7092 'Go Girl' in Blue Fade. Rock your hardware on the frame front with this chain link inspired sun. A modern rounded square front dons a coordinating chain embellishment creating jewelry for the face.

  • Vision Monday Unveils Anne Klein Spring Collection

    The Anne Klein spring sunwear collection features styles that are inspired by the Anne Klein brand and offers a sophisticated take on current, fashion trends. The four new styles further define the Wild Eyes, Leo Legacy and Tortoise Collections.

  • Eyecare Business Features Anne Klein

    Tortoise prints in green, burgundy and navy define this geometric shape. Sculpted and angular, emphasis is placed on the top brow with smooth contours that highlight the female face. The inside temple adds dimension with continued carved detailing. The Leo Lion adorns the outside temple making a bold brand statement. Eyecare Business features AK5023 in Burgundy.

  • Altair Evolution is West Coast Chic in Eyecare Business

    Inspired by the relaxed attitude of California living, Altair Evolution is the perfect blend of retro designs, cool colors, and rich materials targeting 25- to 35-year-old men and women looking to evolve their personal style. This is a retro-inspired launch collection of three men's, four women's, and two unisex styles in handcrafted acetate captures the colors and textures of California landscapes.

  • Optical News Daily Shows Altair Evolution

    Bold square, deep rectangles and vintage keyhole bridges set the tone for this retro-inspired launch collection in three men's, four women's and two unisex styles. Each piece is handcrafted in richly colored acetate capturing the colors and textures found in California landscapes. Frame fronts are marked with a custom rivet for a subtle brand statement.

  • Tommy Bahama Featured in Optical News Daily

    For spring 2014, Tommy Bahama Eyewear introduces a collection enriched with bold colors and defining design details. For men, classics are transformed into modern, must-have accessories with a little swagger to the step of the trend-setting man. True to Tommy Bahama fashion, the women's collection features carved floral prints casted in metal and sculpted onto temples.

  • Vision Monday Unveils Altair Evolution

    Altair is undergoing a major overhaul of its house brands beginning with the launch of Altair Evolution. Inspired by the relaxed attitude of California living, Altair Evolution is a blend of retro designs, cool colors and rich materials targeting 25- to 35-year-old men and women looking to evolve their personal style.

  • 20/20 Magazine Introduces Anne Klein Eyewear

    Anne Klein Eyewear releases five newly designed optical styles for spring 2014. Staying on trend, the brand introduces angular shapes, neutral and translucent colors and pops of feminine blues, greens and purples. This collection emphasizes why eyewear has become the go-to accessory item to complete every look.

  • Sunvision Showcases the Legendary Lion

    Anne Klein Eyewear introduces four new sun styles inspired by the brand's sophisticated designs. The new collection flatters a variety of face silhouettes while allowing women to look effortlessly chic. The Anne Klein signature lion logo is emphasized on the temples to create a sleek detail on all frames.

  • bebe Graces the Cover of Sunvision

    BB7099 'Ice Ice Baby' in Jet, graces the cover of 20/20 Magazine's Sunvsion. The feline shape of the iconic cat eye exudes bebe style with individually placed stones and studs on a polished gold brow bar. Extending through end pieces, the emblazoned metal transitions into thin, sweeping temples highlighted by scattered engraved accents.

  • Sunvision Shows bebe’s Stunning Specs

    New sun and optical frames from the bebe January 2013 collection bring animal prints, studs and eye-catching details front and center. The new frames appeal to a dreamer who loves lace, a glamour girl captivated by glitter and a rocker who wants it all. The sun styles are complemented by glamorous temple details bringing a feminine touch to each frame while keeping bebe's bold style in mind.

  • bebe Black Blings in 20/20 Magazine

    Adding the bebe Black capsule collection to the bebe line of eyewear, raises the bar and sets a distinctive tone that reflects the confidence and style of the bebe consumer who wants to keep that little black dress sexy with bebe Black eyewear.

  • Sunvision Features Tommy Bahama's Island Eyes

    A sun standard meets a tropical touch. TB7039 'Nauti Girl' in Black features a cat eye frame and twisted temple detailing. Creating unparalleled Garden Envy, eye-catching Tommy Bahama palm leaves are adorned with individually placed crystals and inlaid onto sculpted handmade acetate temples.

  • Eyecessorize Gets Blinged Out with bebe Black

    Glitz, glam and monochrome black - these are the essential elements of bebe Black, a.k.a. the fabulous brand's latest capsule collection of specs and shades for alluring gals everywhere. Sparkling stones and studs truly shine against the all-black eyewear for utterly blinged-out appeal.

  • Vision Monday Features new Tommy Bahama Sun Styles

    The Tommy Bahama collection has added seven new sun styles. Four new men's styles feature architectural metal accents, clean designs and rich colorations; while three women's sunglasses feature embellished palm leaves and mosaic crystal details.

  • WWD Magazine Features Anne Klein Sun

    Fall 2014 Trend: Man Up. The better market is going where the boys are for fall with classic plaids, camel and sartorial cuts. To complete this look, pair with your favorite Anne Klein sunglasses. WWD features Anne Klein style AK7004 in Black Tortoise.

  • VM Daily Day 2: Look Who's Been Spotted

    Our very own Sean Cooley, Michelle Skinner and Steve Wright were featured in Vision Monday's Show Daily Day 2. Cooley, Skinner and Wright took a moment at the Altair booth to pose for a photo during the bebe cocktail event.

  • VM Daily Day 1: Cosmos and bebe Preview at Altair

    Vision Monday featured the ever popular bebe cosmos event in the Day 1 Vision Expo East Show Daily. Customers previewed the new bebe Black optical and sun collection and were able to take advantage of show specials while at the booth.

  • February 2014
  • Vision Monday Presents the bebe Spring 2014 Collection

    bebe Eyewear celebrates the New Year by introducing a sun and optical collection that sparkles and stuns. Eight sun styles and six optical styles create a collection for a Dreamer who loves lace, a Glamour girl captivated by glitter and a Rocker who wants it all - studs, animal prints and nothing less.

  • JOE is a Trendy Option in Eyecare Business

    According to the American Optometric Association, 'Though not incapacitating if corrected, presbyopia without optical correction results in an inability to perform once-effortless near tasks as a customary working distance without experiencing visual systems.' Eyecare business features JOE4030 as the perfect masculine option that provides room for multifocal lenses.

  • 20/20 Magazine Makes Anne Klein Part of the Cat Club

    The classic clubman style takes on a duality of retro-meeting-modern in a look that is supremely wearable. AK5008 in Black Marble is seen in 20/20 Magazine's fashion feature, 'Cat Power.'

  • Eyecessorize Spring Color Trend Features JOE Joseph Abboud

    Transparent hues, monochromatic blacks, opulent golds, standout whites, varying blues and grays are a hot trend this spring. JOE Joseph Abboud style JOE4031 in Midnight features a sophisticated blue color with a single line contrast detail.

  • Anne Klein Featured in Eyecessorize's Spring Color Trend

    A hot trend this spring are pale to vibrant pinks and purples, gold and silver metallics, marbleized tortoises. Anne Klein style AK7016 in Green Tortoise features modern colored tortoise acetate, keyhole bridge, delicate metal temples and an engraved Anne Klein signature logo to create this iconically cool frame.

  • bebe in Blue Shows Olympic Team Spirit with Eyecessorize

    The 2014 Winter Olympic Games have finally arrived. Until February 23 (the final days of the games), be sure to show your support for Team USA by patriot-izing your peepers with red, white and blue specs and sunnies! BB5058 in Midnight is the perfect choice to cheer on Team USA.

  • Hannah Sarbin Gives Insight on bebe in Vision Monday

    The climate of today's competitive eyewear market reflects the increasing importance of consumers relating to a brand's story and image to forge a connection and prompt them to make a purchase. Our very own Hannah Sarbin explains Altair's innovation in the digital space, sales training and customer communication to make sure the end consumer receives the full bebe experience that they've come to identify with.

  • Vision Monday Unveils New JOE Joesph Aboud

    To kick off 2014, JOE Joseph Abboud releases new opthalmic styles. Linear details applied to the temples add the overall sports-inspired aesthetic synonymous with the brand. The innovative use of flat metals, rich colorations and succinct textures creates a collection that easily accents a fashion forward suit or amplifies a casual style.

  • January 2014
  • VCPN Uses bebe as an Example When Working With Stainless Steel

    Vision Care Product News gives tips to readers for working with frame materials like stainless steel. TIP: Use the proper adjusting tools on stainless steel models such as Altair's bebe style number BB5045 to keep tool marks from showing on the frame's outside.

  • Eyecare Business Features JOE Joseph Abboud

    JOE4031 in Midnight is seen in Eyecare Business' 'Frame Introductions' section. The temples of JOE4031 continue the linear styling of this season's optical collection. A solitary line slices through double laminate temples, revealing a cool crystal interior. Sophisticated colors contrast this single line detail (Blackjack, Java and Midnight).

  • Anne Klein is Always The Correct Anne-Sir With 20/20

    Anne Klein style AK5020 in Teal is featured on model in 20/20 Magazine's 'Fashion Feature.' The distinctly derived men's shape (often dubbed the 'Clark Kent' in these opti-pages) is invigorated with a uniquely feminine color trick that takes a blue/grey crystal into a cloudy, tortoise fade.

  • Eyecessorize Features Joseph Abboud to Save Your Peepers

    Viewing screens for prolonged periods of time can do major damage to your peepers, so the Eyecessorize gals traveled to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to help educate attendees about this very topic. JOE4021, JOE4026, JOE4031 and JA4020 were featured during this event to let every know you can put the right lens into any fashionable pair of specs to help prevent major damage to your eyes.

  • Anne Klein Featured in Optical News Daily

    This winter 2014, Anne Klein Eyewear releases four new sun styles that further define the Wild Eyes, Leo Legacy and Tortoise collections. Each sun style is inspired by the Anne Klein brand and offers a sophisticated take on current, fashion forward trends. Iconic shapes make this collection appealing and flattering to a variety of face silhouettes.